Saving Mermaids


lost at sea

photography Rosa Scipion | styling Launia Ibiza | model Paola Bus

lost at sea

Discover our beautiful hand-knitted crochet bottles. Each item is handmade, so every piece is unique. The size of the bottle is 0,5 liter and it’s made to take out your bottle and wash it easily. By doing so, you can refuse plastic bottles.  The bottles are made of recycled glass. There is limited stock available, because everything is handmade and the process is slow! All bottles are hand-knitted by Paola, who is traveling in Europe in her campervan @Harmhippiebus.

Shampoo Bars

Nowadays are plastic shampoo bottles so outdated. Let me introduce you to a eco friendly way of washing your hair by using a shampoo bar! With every shampoo bar you save 3 plastic shampoo bottles and this bar gives you up to 35 washes! All ingredients are 100% plastic free and 100% vegan. Better for the ocean, better for your hair.

Refuse plastic

Beach clean-ups

Do you ever go to the beach? Your answer should now be yes. You probably entered this website because you are an ocean lover, just like me. As ocean lovers, we need to connect and take care of the ocean together.

So next time you enter the beach, just do a ‘pick-up three’ with your friends. It works very easy; take at least 3 pieces of trash like a plastic bottle or a fishing net but also a cigarette bun or a lollypop stick, it can be anything! In this way you and your friends helped cleaning up the beach and took care of our oceans.

As we want to encourage organizations that work on the improvement of the health of our oceans we donate € 1,- of each bottle to
the Plastic Soup Foundation 

All orders are currently made on the road as I’m traveling trough Europe with my boyfriend in our self converted campervan called

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The story behind
saving mermaids

"Saving Mermaids is inspired by all the fishing nets I collected along the coast. This brand reflects my concern for the ocean and raises awareness for the plastic soup. I make hand-tied macramé bottles which you can reuse and refill. This means single use plastic bottles can be history. Together we can achieve more and Saving Mermaids shows it can be fun too! Refuse plastic, reuse your bottle, save mermaids."